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Mass Spectrometry Software

MALDIVision 2.22 for Windows1 32Bit
MALDIVision 2.22 for Windows1 64Bit
MALDIVision Tutorial
ProteoIQ 2.70 for Windows 32Bit
ProteoIQ 2.70 for Windows 64Bit (124MB)
ProteoIQ 2.70 for Mac2 (84MB)
  Enterprise Edition Available*  
ProteoIQ Tutorial
SimGlycan® 5.10 for Windows1 32Bit
SimGlycan® 5.10 for Windows1 64Bit (85MB)
  Enterprise Edition Available >>  
SimGlycan® Tutorial
SimLipid® 4.20 for Windows1 32Bit
SimLipid® 4.20 for Windows1 64Bit
  Enterprise Edition Available >>  
SimLipid® Tutorial
SimMet® 1.00 for Windows1 32Bit
SimMet® 1.00 for Windows1 64Bit
SimMet® Tutorial

Genomics Software

AlleleID® 7.82 for Windows1 32Bit
AlleleID® 7.82 for Windows1 64Bit
AlleleID® 7.82 for Mac3
AlleleID® Tutorial
AlleleID® Tutorial
Array Designer 4.42 for Windows1 32Bit
Array Designer 4.42 for Windows1 64Bit
Array Designer 4.42 for Linux
Array Designer Tutorial
Beacon Designer™ 8.13 for Windows1 32Bit
Beacon Designer™ 8.13 for Windows1 64Bit
Beacon Designer™ 8.13 for Mac3
Beacon Designer™ Tutorial
Beacon Designer™ Tutorial
LAMP Designer 1.13 for Windows1 32Bit
LAMP Designer 1.13 for Windows1 64Bit
LAMP Designer Tutorial
PrimerPlex 2.72 for Windows1 32Bit
PrimerPlex 2.72 for Windows1 64Bit
PrimerPlex 2.72 for Mac3
PrimerPlex Tutorial
PrimerPlex Tutorial
Primer Premier 6.22 for Windows1 32Bit
Primer Premier 6.22 for Windows1 64Bit
Primer Premier 6.22 for Mac3
Primer Premier Tutorial
Primer Premier Tutorial
SimVector 4.60 for Windows
SimVector 4.60 for Mac
SimVector Tutorial
SimVector Tutorial
Xpression Primer 3.11 for Windows1 32Bit
Xpression Primer 3.11 for Windows1 64Bit
Xpression Primer 3.11 for Mac3
Xpression Primer Tutorial
Xpression primer Tutorial

1Available for Windows 8 (Installation steps)
2Available for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
3Available for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)
*Contact us ( for more information.

System Requirements

The demo version is a fully functional product, except that it allows you to work only with the sequences supplied with the product.

If you experience trouble downloading, please try later. Sometimes the Internet traffic is too heavy for a successful download.

If the installation is not successful

1. Please try downloading again. It is probably because the downloaded file is corrupt.

2. Check the size of the downloaded file and check if it is the same as that indicated on the website.

3. While installing the software on a Mac OS, if you are getting following errors "APPLICATION is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image" or "APPLICATION can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer". Please click here.


  • Double click on the installation file (the .exe file). The installation wizard will step you through.

  • Please choose the default settings to install the program.
    Windows: By default, the program will install in C:\Program Files and the icon to launch the program will become available in the Start Menu under Programs.
    Mac: After installation, the program can be launched from Applications or the shortcut available on desktop.
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