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LNA™ Probe Design

For increasing the success of real time PCR assays, Beacon Designer™ can design LNA™ or Locked Nucleic Acid™ substituted TaqMan® probes. These are typically shorter probes and have LNA™ bases that impart higher stability to the probes. You can specify the number of LNA™ bases that you wish to have in the probe. You can also specify their placement and the LNA free region on each end of the probe to design LNA™ spiked TaqMan® probes.

Automate Your Real Time PCR Primer and Probe Design

Beacon Designer™ automates the design of real time primers and probes. It is used by molecular biologists worldwide to design successful real time PCR assays. It saves the time and the money involved in failed experiments. Beacon Designer™ is a flexible solution to your real time primer and probe design needs and pays for itself many times over.

Specific and Efficient Design: How Beacon Designer™ Makes it Possible?

You can BLAST search sequences and search for template structures from within the program. The results of both these searches are used while designing primers and probes. The regions that exhibit significant cross homologies and template structures are avoided automatically during the design.


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