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Beacon Designerâ„¢ automates the design of real time primers and probes
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Beacon Designer™

Scorpions® Design

Beacon Designer™ supports the Scorpions® chemistry for real time detection of a target sequence. The Scorpions® primers designed are free from dimers, runs, repeats and have a melting temperature within a user specified range.

Beacon Designer™ automatically selects a stem of appropriate length for optimal Scorpions® Tm. You can design specific and efficient Scorpions® by automatically avoiding regions of significant cross homology and by avoiding regions on the template that are susceptible to folding. Beacon Designer™ graphically displays the alternate structures of the designed Scorpions® along with their properties. Alternate structures may lead to false positives or reduce the efficiency of the assay.

Using Beacon Designer™, you can also evaluate pre-designed Scorpions® assays. Pre-designed primer sets can be evaluated or primers for a pre-designed probe can be designed.

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