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Beacon Designer™ automates the design of real time primers and probes
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Beacon Designer™

Design TaqMan® Probes

The TaqMan® assay design module in Beacon Designer™ can design TaqMan® probes suitable for single sequence as well as multiplex experiments. Beacon Designer™ supports multiplexing for up to four sequences, with the ability to lock an assay for a reference gene. The primers and probes designed for other sequences in the multiplex set will take into account the Tm and cross dimer values for this assay as a reference.

TaqMan® probes designed by Beacon Designer™ are free from runs, repeats and dimers and are used for SNP genotyping and gene expression profiling.

LNA™ substituted TaqMan® probes are designed by Beacon Designer™ which are stable at higher temperature due to the modified LNA™ bases.

Beacon Designer™ outputs many TaqMan® probe-primer sets for the user to choose from.

TaqMan® assays are ranked according to the proprietary ranking algorithm that weighs many factors considered important for primer and probe design.

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