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PREMIER Biosoft today announced delivering OligoArchitect™ to Sigma Aldrich

Palo Alto, California -- February 17, 2011, PREMIER Biosoft, as a part of its contract software development services, has delivered OligoArchitect™ for an undisclosed amount from Sigma Aldrich. Sigma Aldrich, with operations in over 40 countries, is a life science and high technology company. Its chemical and biochemical products are used in scientific research and as key components in high technology manufacturing.

OligoArchitect™ will enable Sigma Aldrich to serve their customers much better, offering value added services in addition to their core business of synthesis.

"After years of successful use internally by our technical support team, we wanted to offer Beacon Designer functionality directly to our customers", said Tom Russell, Product Manager at Sigma Life Science. "We chose to use this powerful tool because it offers best-in-class performance and is highly regarded by the research community."

"Our expertise in developing best-in-class real time PCR oligo design software products such as Beacon Designer and AlleleID stood us in good stead. Our history of developing tools for large biotech companies gave us a strong resume to present our case", said Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing.

About PREMIER Biosoft
Founded in 1994, is a group of computer scientists and biologists dedicated to producing cutting edge intuitive software for research in life sciences. Our goal is to study the most recent innovations in life sciences and translate them into software products to aid research. More information is available at: http://www.premierbiosoft.com.

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