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Primer Premier, a comprehensive PCR primer design software
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Primer Premier

10 Great reasons to buy Primer Premier

  1. Easy to Learn: Listen to the multimedia tour of Primer Premier and you can start designing your first primer pair or probe in under ten minutes.

  2. Easy to Use: With the built-in automatic search mode that tailors stringency to your template, you can design primers for difficult templates at the click of a button.

  3. Innovative Algorithms: Primer Premier has powerful algorithms for avoiding cross homologies, screening secondary structures and selecting every possible primers within the allowed length and positional boundaries.

  4. Comprehensive: More functions and features than most programs in its class.

  5. Try and Buy: You can try the fully functional product using time activated key before you buy.

  6. Low Price: More function for less money than all products with similar functionality.

  7. Unlimited Free Support: Telephone, e-mail and fax support for the life of the product free of charge.

  8. Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve the software based on the latest scientific developments and your feedback.

  9. Upgrade Price: Many of the upgrades are provided free of charge to the customers and the upgrade price is discounted heavily from the list price.

  10. Proven in the Lab: The results are proven in the lab by us (1 Vinay Singh, Sita Naik, "A Program for Design of Degenerate Primers from a Protein Sequence", Biotechniques, February 1998) and by our customers.
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