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PrimerPlex, Oligo Design for Multiplex PCR & High Throughput SNP Genotyping and Analysis
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Luminex xMAP® Technology

Luminex’s xMAP® technology is based on existing technologies — flow cytometry, microspheres, lasers, digital signal processing and traditional chemistry — that have been combined in a unique way. The technique involves Luminex's 100 distinct sets of tiny color-coded beads, called microspheres. Each bead set can be coated with a specific capture probe or Anti Tag to allow the capture and detection of specific targets. The technology allows rapid and precise multiplexing of up to 100 unique assays within a single reaction.

Advantages of the Luminex Multiplex Technology

  • The Luminex technology significantly reduces the cost and effort that is involved in setting up and detection of multiplex reactions when compared to the traditional methods.

  • The sample requirement is minimal as compared to a multiplex PCR reaction.

  • The molecular kinetics assure a lesser time in obtaining the results of the multiplex reaction. The underlying technology being based on liquid bead arrays, makes it much faster as compared to a solid medium based analysis.

  • Luminex analysis can be used for a host of applications from drug discovery, allergy testing, identification of cancer biomarkers, snp genotyping, gene expression analysis, isotyping and tissue typing.

What PrimerPlex and AlleleID® Can Do for You?

PrimerPlex supports multiplex PCR primer design, oligo design for direct hybridization assays & Allele Specific PCR Extension (ASPE) assays. You can design specific capture probes or primers for multiplex high throughput SNP genotyping or gene expression analysis. You can also design PCR primers for amplifying the target site for ASPE assays.

AlleleID® can design design strain differentiation xMAP® assays.

Please visit the PrimerPlex and AlleleID® pages.

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