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Annual Maintenance Policy

To continue supporting the latest developments in assays and algorithms, we have found it necessary to institute an Annual Maintenance Policy. We have a team of five software engineers and one biologist for each product working full time, dedicated to continuous improvement. For the first year from the date of purchase, we will provide all available upgrades free of charge. After that, you will be asked to pay a small Annual Maintenance Fee, which will cover all upgrades for the following year. Of course, you are in no way obligated to upgrade. You may continue using the version you have, as long as you wish.

We have a team of eight dedicated expert professional ready to help with any questions, investigate any unmet research needs and address user interface issues. As always, we are eager to listen to your suggestions. The support team is available by phone [888-847-7494(Toll Free)/ 650-856-2703] and e-mail [] Monday through Friday for the extended hours mentioned on our web site. We hope you will be satisfied with the value that the Annual Maintenance Policy will bring you.

Xpression Primer

No annual subscription is required.

AlleleID®, Array Designer, Beacon Designer™, LAMP Designer™, MALDIVision, MLPA® Designer, PrimerPlex, Primer Premier, SimGlycan®, SimGlycan® Enterprise Edition, SimLipid® Enterprise Edition and SimVector

1. For the first year after purchase, all upgrades, related support services and access to the database are free.
2. The annual upgrade maintenance period begins twelve months after the date of purchase and lasts a year. The date of purchase is the date on which a customer activates the program for the first time.
3. After the first year of purchase, paying the small upgrade maintenance fee will entitle you to receive all upgrades and access to the database for an additional year. As long as you are current on this fee, you will get all the latest versions of the product and will never have to buy a new version.
4. If you decide not to pay the annual upgrade maintenance fee, that's fine. You don't have to. You may continue using the version you have. To resume maintenance, you must pay the cumulative unpaid charges for the previous year(s). The fees will be calculated at the prevailing rates on the day the maintenance order is placed.
5. If you haven't renewed your maintenance for five consecutive years, you will not be eligible for the upgrade pricing and will have to purchase the full current version at the prevailing price.

SimLipid® and SimMet®

1. The purchase grants the registered owner (the Licensee), the right to access the database (hereafter, "the Product") for a period of one year. In addition, access to related technical support services and the Product's client upgrades released during this period are made available. The product client is the informatics tool (SimLipid® and SimMet®) provided to access the database and analyze the results.
2. The one year period begins on the date the Product client is first activated and ends twelve months later.
3. For each following year, for the continued use of the Product, technical support services and the client upgrades released during the period, the Licensee is required to pay the prevailing annual maintenance fee.
4. If the maintenance fee is not paid when due, the right to use the Product will cease. To resume it, cumulative unpaid charges for the previous year(s) are required to be paid. The fees will be calculated at the prevailing rates from the day the maintenance period expired.
Note: The architecture and the resources for SimLipid® and SimMet® are different from that of a desktop product. The product client (SimLipid® and SimMet®) that runs on the user's computer accesses our server which in turn does the glycan and glycopeptide search. Considerable resources are required for maintaining the server infrastructure that runs the searches. In addition to maintaining the server infrastructure, the database is updated with the latest glycan/glycopeptide data, often daily. A dedicated team uses both public databases and proprietary algorithms to ensure that the database has the most comprehensive, up to date record of lipids and metabolites available. What we are selling is not the product client, but the right to use the database, which is the "Product". The fee charged is the license to access the database for a year. To access the database, tools in the form of SimLipid® or SimMet® are provided, because of which, analysis is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the annual maintenance charges?
Currently, no annual subscription is required for Xpression Primer. The charges for other products are as follows:

Product Name
Annual Maintenance Fee (USD)
AlleleID® Annual Maintenance
Array Designer Annual Maintenance
Beacon Designer™ Annual Maintenance
LAMP Designer Annual Maintenance
MALDIVision Annual Maintenance
PrimerPlex Annual Maintenance
Primer Premier Annual Maintenance
PQB1-CIP ProteoIQ Continuous Improvement Progarmme (Base)
PQQ1-CIP ProteoIQ Continuous Improvement Progarmme (Quant)
SimGlycan® Annual Maintenance
SimGlycan® Enterprise Edition Annual Maintenance
SimLipid® Annual Maintenance
SimLipid® Enterprise Edition Annual Maintenance
SimMet® Annual Maintenance
SimVector Annual Maintenance

What are upgrades?
Upgrades are the newer versions of our products with enhanced functionality. We release them frequently, generally about one per quarter.

Are upgrades free?
Yes, for the first year. They are then free as long as the maintenance is current. You may download upgrades from our web site or upgrade using the Smart Updater built into the program.

What if an upgrade is announced after I place an order?
The software maintenance for the first year is included in the purchase price. If a product upgrade is released within one year from your purchase date, you may download the upgrades free of charge.

When are upgrades released?
We release product upgrades when:

  • New features or functions to support the latest developments in assays and algorithms have been added.
  • Reported problems have been corrected.
  • Support for newly released operating systems have been added.
  • Changes to the key web resources used by the program have been accommodated.

What if I don't upgrade in the second year but decide to in the third year?
You will be charged an annual maintenance fee for two years.

I began ordering annual maintenance today and to my surprise, the maintenance status shows that it is valid for just a couple of months, not a year as I thought it would. What should I do?
The maintenance contract is renewed not from today but from the day it last expired. This may leave you with only a couple of months of maintenance after you renew your contract.

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