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Technical Note

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Untargeted and Targeted Lipidomics Using Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-Of-Flight Impact II™ Mass Spectrometer with SimLipid® Software

Improvements in analytical methods, especially liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, have driven the recent advances in the development of lipid profiling methods. We have presented a robust workflow for the global lipid profiling of a plasma sample using an LC system coupled to an Impact II™ Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-Of-Flight (UHR-QqTOF) mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonik, Bremen, Germany) with > 50,000 Full-Sensitivity Resolution and SimLipid® informatics software (PREMIER Biosoft, USA).

Meitei N.S., Gupta H., Apte, A., Barsch, A., Alving, A., PREMIER Biosoft & Bruker Daltonik (2016)

PREMIER Biosoft Technical Note No. TSL101

Application Notes

Title & Abstract Author & Publication

Phospholipid analysis using SimLipid software

Phospholipids (PLs) have a role of constituting a cellular membrane in a living cell and are also related to produce various fatty acids such as arachidonic acids, EPA and DHA which are precursors of bioactive lipids. Fluctuation of PLs concentration in a blood or a tissue is also known to be correlated with various disease.

T. Nakanishi (2017)

Shimadzu Document No. LAAN-A-LM-E120

Automated Lipid Identification Using UPLC/HDMSE in Combination with SimLipid

Lipids constitute one of the largest classes of macromolecules, together with nucleic acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. Lipids play key biological roles in all organisms and therefore their analysis is of major interest in nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biological research.

Isaac, G., McDonald, S., Astarita, G. (2011)

Waters Application Note No. 720004169EN

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Application Notes

Phospholipid Analysis Using SimLipid Software...

Untargeted and Targeted Lipidomics Using Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-Of-Flight Impact II™...



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