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Array Designer, Oligo & cDNA Microarray Design Software
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Array Designer

Oligo & cDNA Microarray Design Software

Array Designer designs thousands of primers and probes for oligo and cDNA microarrays in seconds. It designs probes for SNP detection, microarray gene expression and gene expression profiling. In addition, comprehensive support for tiling arrays and resequencing arrays is available.

BLAST Search for Specific Design

Array Designer designs highly specific oligos by interpreting the results of a BLAST search performed against any genomic database available at NCBI or a local custom database. Any significant homologies identified are automatically avoided while designing oligos. Repeat regions are identified and automatically avoided.

Standard Array Design

You can design primers and probes for SNP detection and gene expression profiling on multiple sequences in a single search run. Our customers, typically choose over 10,000 sequences at a time.

Whole Genome Array

With Array Designer you can study the genetic make-up of entire organisms effortlessly by detecting every gene or exon in the whole genome. This enables easy discovery of differentially and alternatively spliced transcripts, SNPs, DNA sequence variation in individuals or populations and comparative genome hybridization (CGH).

Tiling Arrays

You can spot every base of a long genomic sequence also known as whole genome amplification, avoiding repetitive regions. Designing arrays to characterize regulatory elements, or to study epigenetic modifications, methylation patterns and protein binding sites has never been so easy.

Resequencing Arrays

Array Designer designs resequencing arrays with which you can detect SNP and other sequence variations in a large number of samples. One of the common problems in resequencing array design is false base calls caused by inter-template cross hybridization. With the unique feature which we call project BLAST, you can identify and avoid the homologous regions that create false positives.

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