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MLPA® Designer

Designs Highly Specific MLPA® Assays

MLPA® Designer designs synthetic probes for MLPA (Multiplex Ligation dependent Probe Amplification) assays. The oligos are designed by avoiding regions of homologies making them highly specific. MLPA® Designer can be utilized to design oligos for both copy number detection and mutation studies. MLPA® is a simple, high throughput and easy to perform method developed by MRC-Holland that allows detection of DNA copy number changes of up to 50 sequences in a single reaction.

Designs Highly Specific Oligos for MLPA® Assays

MLPA® Designer automates the design of highly specific synthetic oligos for MLPA assays. MLPA® (Multiplex Ligation dependent Probe Amplification) is a simple, high throughput multiplex PCR technique introduced by MRC-Holland that allows detection of abnormal copy numbers of up to 50 different genomic DNA or RNA sequences. This easy to perform technique requires the use of a thermocycler and capillary electrophoresis equipment. MLPA® Designer strictly adheres to the guidelines laid by MRC-Holland for designing of MLPA® oligos.

Data & Database Management

You can organize data of multiple experiments by creating separate projects for each of them. This functionality helps you to maintain a local database for sequence information and search results. There is no limitation to the number of projects that you can create using the program.


  • Sequence Import
  • Supports Designing MLPA® Oligos for Multiple Exons
  • Addition of MagPlex-TAG™ for Bead-Coupled MLPA Assays
  • Accurately Calculates Tm Values
  • Displays Secondary Structures
  • Displays MLPA® Oligos Properties
  • Export Results
  • Enables Design Control


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