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MLPA® Designer is a comprehensive tool co-developed with MRC-Holland to design highly specific oligos for MLPA® assays.
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MLPA® Designer

Citations and Reviews

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Improving Mutation Screening in Familial Hematuric Nephropathies through Next Generation Sequencing Morinière, V., Dahan, K., Hilbert, P., Lison, M., Lebbah, S., Topa, A., Bole-Feysot, Christine., Pruvost, Solenn., Nitschke, Patrick., Plaisier, Emmanuelle., Knebelmann, Bertrand., Macher, Marie-Alice., Noel, Laure-Hélène., Gubler, Marie-Claire., Antignac, Corinne., Heidet, Laurence. (2014)
J Am Soc Nephrol, 25(12), 2740–2751.

Germ-line deletion in DICER1 revealed by a novel MLPA assay using synthetic oligonucleotides

Sabbaghian, N., Srivastava, A., Hamel, N., Plourde, F., Gajtko-Metera, M., Niedziela, M., Foulkes, W.D. (2014). Eur J Hum Genet, 22(4), 564-7.


Gain of 1q is associated with inferior event-free and overall survival in patients with favorable histology Wilms tumor: A report from the Children's Oncology Group

Gratias, E. J., Jennings, L. J., Anderson, J. R., Dome, J. S., Grundy, P., & Perlman, E. J. (2013). Cancer, 119(21), 3887-3894.


A 5.8 kb deletion removing the entire MNX1 gene in a Norwegian family with Currarino syndrome

Holm, I., Monclair, T., Lundar, T., Stadheim, B., Prescott, T. E., & Eiklid, K. L. (2013). Gene, 518(2), 457-460.


Identification of recurrent type-2 NF1 microdeletions reveals a mitotic nonallelic homologous recombination hotspot underlying a human genomic disorder

Vogt, J., Mussotter, T., Bengesser, K., Claes, K., Högel, J., Chuzhanova, N., ... & Kehrer‐Sawatzki, H. (2012). Human mutation, 33(11), 1599-1609.


BeeDoctor, a Versatile MLPA-Based Diagnostic Tool for Screening Bee Viruses

De Smet, L., Ravoet, J., de Miranda, J. R., Wenseleers, T., Mueller, M. Y., Moritz, R. F., & De Graaf, D. C. (2012). PloS one, 7(10), e47953.


Two New Rapid SNP-Typing Methods for Classifying Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex into the Main Phylogenetic Lineages

Stucki, D., Malla, B., Hostettler, S., Huna, T., Feldmann, J., Yeboah-Manu, D., ... & Gagneux, S. (2012). PLoS One, 7(7), e41253.


Four unrelated patients with lubs X-linked mental retardation syndrome and different Xq28 duplications

Bartsch, O., Gebauer, K., Lechno, S., Van Esch, H., Froyen, G., Bonin, M., ... & Haaf, T. (2010). American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 152(2), 305-312.

Note: MLPA Designer, the lite version of AlleleID, includes the MLPA module of AlleleID.
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