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Beacon Designerâ„¢ automates the design of real time primers and probes
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Beacon Designer™

NASBA® Assay Design

NASBA® assays are gaining acceptance among the molecular biology researchers as genetic material identification technique. NASBA® stands for Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification and is an isothermal amplification process. NASBA® assays detect the mRNA in double stranded DNA without needing temperature cycling.

Beacon Designer™ can design molecular beacons for NASBA® assays for single template, multiplex or allelic discrimination. You can also evaluate pre-designed primers and probes for NASBA® assays. While evaluating primers, Beacon Designer™ automatically adds a purine tag to P1 primer sequence when necessary.

Beacon Designer software designs molecular beacons for NASBA assays. The software also evaluates pre-designed primers and probres for NASBA assays.

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