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November 18, 2010, PREMIER Biosoft Releases SimGlycan® 2.92 with Support for Multi Stage Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis.
November 11, 2010, PREMIER Biosoft Releases SimLipid, an Innovative Lipid Characterization Software.
May 24, 2010, PREMIER Biosoft and Waters Collaborate to Deliver MS Data Analysis Solutions.
April 07, 2010, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Version 2.90 of SimGlycan with High Throughput Data Analysis.
January 20, 2010, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Beacon Designer 7.70 with Support for High Resolution Melting Analysis (HRMA) Primer Design.
December 04, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Primer Premier 6.00 with New Primer Search Algorithm for Standard PCR Assays and a Completely New User Interface.
August 27, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Version 7.50 of AlleleID with Support for Multiplex Strain Differentiation Using xMAP® Assays for Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Systems.
June 23, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft's Free Primer Analysis Tool, NetPrimer, Selected as The Best of The Web By GEN.
June 01, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Version 4.50 of SimVector with support for Loading Vector NTI® DNA files.
May 25, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases of the Enterprise Edition of SimGlycan®, an Innovative MS/MS Data Analysis Tool.
May 18, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases Version 2.00 of PrimerPlex with Support for Using Proven Pre-Designed Oligos and Analyzing SNPs of Medium-Sized Genomes.
March 05, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases AlleleID® Version 7.01 Offering Enhanced Support for Custom MLPA® Probe Design.
March 02, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft Releases SimGlycan® Version 2.7, with the Ability to Draw Glycans and Annotate Spectra with Cartoons.
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