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SimVector, an exceptional tool for drawing publication and vector catalog quality plasmid maps, carrying out restriction analysis and designing cloning experiments
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SimVector 4.60 released

The upgrade is now available for Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 and for Windows 7.

SimVector 4.50 released

SimVector now includes support for loading Vector NTI® DNA (*.gb) files along with the analysis results.

Mac OS X 10.5 users, please download the program from the download section of the website and reactivate it using your email address. The Smart Updater will not work for this release, owing to changes in the file format.

SimVector 4.23 released

This upgrade includes fixes to the file compatibility issues with SimVector 4.10 onwards.

SimVector 4.22 released

The upgrade includes fixes to reported problems.

SimVector 4.20 released

New in this version:
Mutagenic Primer Design- SimVector 4.20 includes a site directed mutagenesis primer design module called MutaPrimer. It designs primers for QuikChange QuikChange XL, Stratagene's site directed mutagenesis kit. The kit supports point mutations, insertions and deletions.

MutaPrimer designs mutagenic primers that fully comply with the primer design guidelines published by Stratagene for QuikChange. According to the guidelines, the most important parameters are Tm and lengths required for the flanking regions. You can start the primer search for either the DNA sequence or the amino acid sequence with just a click of a button.

SimVector 4.10 released

New in this version:

  • Database Architecture: SimVector ported to a database architecture with improved sequence handling & analysis capabilities.
  • Increased Sequence Limits: Import longer sequences, upto 2.5 MB.

SimVector 4.01 released

SimVector 4.01 includes fixes to reported problems.

SimVector 4.00 released

New in this version:

  • Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) Display- Commercial companies generally display MCS's in a unique format, with enzymes one above the other in a vertical list. Version 4.00 of SimVector identifies the MCS's by interpreting GenBank header annotations when available, or you can specify them manually. It even has the smarts to list only the enzymes that cut within the MCS and nowhere else. This special format we call the Bracket View.

  • Multiple Fonts- The program can now display any enzyme or feature name using multiple fonts. It is common to list an enzyme thus: Hind III, where the bacterium of origin is listed in italics, but not the number. Coupled with the MCS bracket view, SimVector now has all the functionality to draw plasmids and export them in several vector graphic or bitmap formats.

  • ORF Search- Version 4.00 now includes the search capability to find ORFs in the chosen reading frames, identified with the selected start and stop codons, and compliant to the specified minimum length. With a click of a button, you can now ensure that the construct remains in-frame after cloning. The graphical ORF display is always ready for reference and further analysis.

  • Sequence Translation- With version 4.00 you can translate sequences for simulating expressed proteins and to check for possible reading frame errors.

SimVector 3.00 released

New in this version:

  1. Undo/Redo capability
  2. Curved text support for feature names
  3. Automatic feature overlap avoidance so that no feature remains "hidden"
  4. Copy/paste functionality that carries feature annotations along with the sequence
  5. Simplified web based activation scheme (SimVector customers, please click here for details)
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