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ProteoIQ, a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative suite for proteomics
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A comprehensive qualitative and quantitative suite for proteomics.

ProteoIQ® is a comprehensive suite to validate and quantify proteins by combining results from popular mass spectrometry platforms and database search engines. With dynamic extracted ion chromatogram plots, the ability to view every MS spectra at any time point and the ability to manually select a peak area, ProteoIQ® provides the ultimate level of control.

ProteoIQ® provides a completely customizable interface to support any form of biological annotation. You can easily compare protein quantitative results in relation to biological pathways, protein localization, protein function, or even compare to transcript abundance. Every protein identification in ProteoIQ® can be linked to any external or internal knowledge database. Custom links are provided to GenBank, UniProt, IPI, and SwissProt databases or even an in-house LIMS.

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