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ProteoIQ, a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative suite for proteomics
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Statistical Validation
With built in support for decoy database searches, ProteoIQ® enables calculation of false discovery rates. Further validate your proteome using peptide or protein probabilities.

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Proteome Visualization
Tour the variety of custom results views available in ProteoIQ. Navigating between peptide and protein views is simple or link out to public databases for more information.

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Comparative Proteomics
Other software tools may claim to do comparative proteomics but they all fall short. See how ProteoIQ® reveals the differences and similarities between your proteomes; getting you to the biology faster than ever before.

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Label Free Quantification - Spectral Counting
Welcome to the only software that supports quantification by spectral counts. This demonstration walks you through ProteoIQ’s normalization functions, error estimations and relative expression analysis system.

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Label Free Quantification - Precursor Intensity (AUC)
ProteoIQ’s label free quantitation using area under the curve (LF-AUC) provides accurate and robust quantitation using intensities derived from extracted ion chromatograms for every precursor detected in your MS or MS/MS instrument files.

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Isotopic Quantitation
ProteoIQ® gives you total control over isotopic label base quantitation, right from peak detection to quantitation using AUC. This demonstration walks you through ProteoIQ's ability to quantify multiple samples, add custom labels and provide comprehensive comparison across peptide and protein samples.

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Isobaric Tag Quantitation - iTRAQ, TMT, and Custom Reagents
Learn how ProteoIQ® empowers isobaric label based quantitation. Regardless of the labeling strategy you employ ProteoIQ® provides a feature rich software platform giving you ultimate control over all aspects of quantitation.

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Biological Annotation
ProteoIQ® provides a completely customizable interface to support any form of biological annotation including protein localization, function or pathway.

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