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AlleleID® Special Offer

Only for PrimerPlex, Array Designer and Beacon Designer™ Customers

Thank you for choosing PrimerPlex, Array Designer and Beacon Designer™ for your microarray, xMAP® and real time assay design needs. We hope that Array Designer, PrimerPlex and Beacon Designer™ have lived up to your expectations. We now introduce you to our new, pioneering product AlleleID®.

AlleleID® is a pioneering tool that helps design oligos for strain differentiation microarrays, Luminex xMAP® and qPCR assays for rapid detection of related organisms. AlleleID® aligns sequences to locate differences in DNA and to find conserved regions and then designs oligos to amplify and detect only the species or strains of interest from the mix. AlleleID® employs powerful and sophisticated algorithms to design highly specific and efficient primers and probes. It BLAST searches sequences and automatically interprets the results to design specific oligos avoiding regions of homology. To learn more about AlleleID®, please click here.

The list price of AlleleID® is $4885 but we have competitively priced this unique software for your microarray, xMAP® and real-time assay design needs.

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We also offer academic discounts. If you work for a university/non-profit/government institute, please submit your information here. We will get in touch with you shortly for the academic upgrade price by email.

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