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Molecular biologists all over the world accelerate their research using intuitive software from PREMIER Biosoft. We are committed to delivering cutting edge solutions. We continuously improve our programs by supporting the latest assays and algorithms and incorporating the feedback we receive. Scientists around the world are talking about their assay success, cost benefits and ease of use of the software. Here is a collection of some of their testimonials.


"I used AlleleID to design a number of primers and they outperformed many of the published primers for similar pieces of target nucleic acid." -Dr. Graham W Burgess, James Cook University, Australia

"The primers that your program designed pretty much all worked to produce working taxa-specific primers with great efficiencies and R2 values on a standard dilution series to be used for qPCR. I really did enjoy the trial of AlleleID, what a great program!" -Mr. Ben Sutherland, University of Victoria, Canada.

"I designed multiplex TaqMan assay with 3 targets using AlleleID. Designing a multiplex assay using the software is quite easy and the results obtained are pretty good." -Dr. Hanneke de Valk, Director of ADD International bv, Netherlands.

"I really liked AlleleID, it's easy to work with and the site has a very nice design." -Ms. Josefine Hiller, Probi AB, Sweden.

"AlleleID has been of much help for designing primers for real time PCR. It has facilitated the work enormously." -Dr. Flavia M.Michelini, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"We bought the AlleleID® and so far I'm very happy with it. I designed species specific primers with AlleleID® (after having tried manually for some days) and the results are very good (really specific amplifications). That was for a sybr green detection. And I have to say the support team is really helpful when you face problems." -Ms. Cecile Thonar, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

"AlleleID is extremely easy to use. I hardly needed to go through the tutorial and the Help section was so comprehensive that it answered all my questions." -Dr. Chantal Van Niekerk, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

"AlleleID was really helpful for my data. It has an easy interface."- Ms. Carolina Thompson, INTA, Argentina.

"I really liked AlleleID. I found it very useful and intuitive. I designed several sets of SYBR® Green primers using the software. I tested them and they all worked very well." -Dr. Jeannette Loram, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Bermuda.


Beacon Designer™

"I designed multiple qPCR assays using Beacon Designer and it worked perfectly for us! The features such as secondary structure search, blast search were very useful in selecting highly specific probes for our experiment" - Dr. Zhanhua Tao, Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China.

"The oligo design functionality in Beacon Designer is extremely convenient and user friendly. It is the perfect software to design the real time PCR oligos." - Dr. Alexandra Elsukova, FGBI ARRIAH, Russia.

"I know Beacon Designer for 7 years, and it is always the best software I ever used to design my qPCR assays." -Dr. Francesco Poti, University of Parma, Italy.

"The SYBR Green primers designed using Beacon Designer worked extremely well. Pretty good amplification factor of over 90% was observed with no primer-dimers." -Mr. Adelumola Oladeinde, University of Georgia, United States.

"I have worked with Beacon Designer and it is truly the perfect software to design primers for real-time PCR" – Dr. Sushmita Chakraborty, Heidelberg University.

"I used Beacon Designer to design primers for several targets. All the designed primers had an efficiency of over 90% and they worked well for me. Excellent R^2 and melt curves were obtained for these primers." -Mr. Islam El-Awaad, Institut für Pharmazeutische Biologie, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.

"Beacon Designer makes designing complex scorpions probes easier. The level of detail included in the primer/probe result is exceptional. I highly recommend this software for designing molecular based assays." -Mr. Justin Ellem, ICPMR Westmead Hospital, Australia.

"I successfully designed different sets of Taqman probes and primers for my genes of interest using Beacon Designer. The multiplex capability of the software was especially useful for designing my assays." -Ms. Sandra Meryl Rodrigues, North Carolina State University, US.

"Beacon Designer is a very good software! I used it for designing not only TaqMan primers and probe but also FRET assays and it fits perfect for my research requirements." -Dr. Matteo Bernabini, University of Pisa, Italy.

"Beacon Designer is a brilliant software. I enjoyed using its user intuitive features which makes it the most popular software amongst researchers." -Ms. Chelsea Back, Murdoch University, Australia.

"Using Beacon Designer, we designed qPCR primers which performed extremely well in our experiments. I found the program both powerful and user-friendly." -Mr. José Nuno Leitao, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, IBMC, Portugal.

"Beacon Designer is very easy to use and worked really well for the designing of reverse-transcription quantitative PCR protocol. I am satisfied with the product and it addressed my research needs well." -Ms. Eleonora Sittig, Turku Center for Biotechnology, Finland.

"I used Beacon Designer and found it quite easy to use. It has an excellent interface that gives detailed information on primer properties. It is also very convenient to check primer specificity using the software." -Dr. Wenxiang Fu, NYU Langone Medical Center, US.

"I am VERY impressed with Beacon Designer. I have tested the program to my satisfaction. The program saves a lot of time going to other web sites to evaluate secondary structure of primers, etc. Thanks for a great product!" -Mary L. Taub, State University of New York.

"I really liked PREMIER Biosoft's Beacon Designer. It was very easy to use and provided me with excellent primers." -Dr. Mohammed Ahmed, University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

"I used Beacon Designer for TaqMan assay design as well as designing probes from previously designed primers. I was able to navigate the program fairly easily so I would give high marks for ease of use. I also very much liked the interface with BLAST for potential regions of cross homology. Overall the program seemed to do a good job of providing template specific primers and probes." -Dr. Ryan Troyer, Colorado State University, United States.

"Beacon Designer is a very powerful software for designing qRT-PCR and HMRA primers." -Dr. Yi Wang, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada.

"I designed SYBR Green primers for 5 different genes using Beacon Designer. They all worked well and I am extremely pleased with the results." -Dr. Yulia Koryakina, University of Virginia, US.

"Beacon Designer is a great software, all the qPCR primers I designed using it worked perfectly." -Dr. Maruotti Julien, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.

"I enjoyed Beacon Designer very much. I found it more robust, versatile and complete than others I've tried. I was able to design my Taqman probes and primers very easily." -Dr. Carlos Sao-Jose, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

"I am very satisfied with Beacon Designer, I use it in my work. I can design various probes and specific primers, it is very easy for me." -Dr. Dufková, Veterinary Research Institute, Czech Republic.

"I tried Beacon Designer and it was fantastic. I think this is the most complete qPCR primer design program." -Ms. Andrea Aguado, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.

"I was very pleased with Beacon Designer. It was easy and straightforward to use. The primers I ordered based on this software worked well." -Ms. Allison Light, University of Rochester, USA.

"Beacon Designer works fantastically and very good software for RT PCR primer design." -Mr. Mahmood, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

"Beacon Designer is very easy to use and always gives good primers." -Dr. Chenggang Wu, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, US.

"I used Beacon Designer to design primers for qPCR. The program was very simple to use and the designed primers worked well." -Dr. Tina Summerfield, University of Otago, New Zealand.

"Beacon Designer software is an expert in qPCR primer design. All of the 16 primer pairs are excellent and worked well." -Dr. Hongning Wu, Shantou University, China.

"I designed several primer sets with Beacon Designer™ and have evaluated a few of them. All of them have worked on the first try. This software is quite user-friendly and convenient too. I honestly can't think of any improvements to suggest." -Dr. Laurie Earls, Developmental Neurobiology, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"I appreciate the intuitive, user friendly interface of Beacon Designer™ as compared to that of primer express, fastPCR and Vector NTI." -Dr. Hannes Richter, University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland.

"I became interested in Beacon Designer™ because of some articles I had read in trade literature. Once I ran through the tutorial-kudos to the team who designed it--one of the best I've seen for software of this type. I then was able to design 8 sets of primers using the software. I found the software user friendly, and if I got stuck I just replayed the applicable tutorial section. I contacted customer support, and the service far exceeded my expectations. The reason we chose PREMIER Biosoft was because it was highly recommended to us as a highly service oriented company and now after talking to the support, I've seen why that was said." -Mr. Richard Hanes, Molecular Biology Core Lab Manager, Bowles Center, UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School.

"I used Beacon Designer to design oligos for qPCR. Using the program I could control the parameters myself and thus have an "autonomy" over the design. The program automatically avoids the complementary structures during the design, there by enhancing the success rate. I think the software is great and worth the price." -Mathieu Tremblay, Research Assistant, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada.

We are very satisfied with the software and the LNA probes we designed using Beacon Designer™ are working wonderfully." -Dr. Steven M. Short, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga.

"I used Beacon Designer™ for designing new assays. I found it simple to use and it met my expectations well. The performance was great and I obtained good results. The design options were exhaustive, saving my time." -Meritxell Espino Guarch, IDIBELL-CGMM, Spain.

"I found that designing primers using Beacon Designer™ software has saved me many hours of analyzing potential primers. The program is very user friendly and the layout of the reports allowed all relevant information to be located easily." -Ms. Stacey Lynch, Department of Veterinary Science, Melbourne University, Australia.

"I have used Beacon Designer™ to design several different SYBR® Green primers, and they worked out very well. I am impressed with the product." -Dr. Par Towb, Department of Biological Sciences, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, United States.

"I have found Beacon Designer™ a robust and sound program which might be really helpful in designing molecular beacons and other oligos for real-time PCR." -Dr. Miro Tel, IMEM, Russia.

"From several software packages that I have tested Beacon Designer™ is probably the best." -Dr. Ivan Bendezu, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland.

"I have been able to test 10 different primer-pairs designed for use with SYBR Green by Beacon Designer™ 4. They all work very well and I am very happy with the results!" -Mr. Benjamin Edvinsson, Karolinska University, Sweden.

"Beacon Designer™ is easy to learn and eliminates costly guesswork" -Jeremy Pierce, Science, vol. 294, page 2381, (2001).

"I like Beacon Designer 2, it does both Beacons and TaqMan® probes and is pretty intuitive." -Justin T Brown Phd, Cenetron Diagnostics, USA.

"I have used Beacon Designer on multiple sequences and have found that the program designs optimal molecular beacons and primer pairs. The molecular beacons and primer pairs it designed produced excellent results in real-time PCR experiments on the Bio-Rad's iCycler iQ Detection System." -Larissa Tan, Bio-Rad® Laboratories, Hercules, California.

"...fast and accurate ...tool for the design of molecular beacons and primer pairs" -The Scientist Full Review

"To me, the best program to design TaqMan® probes is Beacon Designer™. I'm very happy to use it because it is fast and easy and the probes and primers I use are working really fine." -Milena Pariali, Italy.

"We are using Beacon Designer™ 2 and love it!" -Daniel Inderbitzin.

"I have forwarded design requests from US customer to Paris, and those customers have responded very positively about the success of their experiments" -Dr. Alex Amiet, Applications Manager, Genomic Tools, Proligo, LLC USA.

"Word of mouth has it that the Beacon Designer™ software our group uses gives the best results. All the groups are now flocking to our lab to use our copy. What a nuisance! I wish they would spring for their own copy" -Shelley Zhang, Univ. of Louisville, Baxter Bl

"The program is easy to use and I enjoyed using it...Thank you very much for your very good product" -Dr. Irina Bogdarina.

"Beacon Designer™ 2 was incredibly straight forward to use. The product worked great and the beacon I designed appears to work perfectly" -Freddie Peyerl, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, US.

"The program works well. We have designed primers from this software FAM-TAMRA labeled and they work well. this software could state the optimal temp for pcr reactions" -Anthony Bais, Austrailia.

"We love your program - it has saved time in that we don't have to use 3 or 4 different programs to determine how well the probes we have designed will bind to other sequences. And it has saved money because I don't have to purchase several expensive labeled probes to test which one will work the best. With Beacon Designer™ 2, we can design specific probes efficiently and with the multiplex function save even more time and feel confident about the results. Certainly, Beacon Designer™ 2 will be able to design effective probes for detection of single base pair differences." -Dr. Gale Newman, Dept. Micro, Biochem, Immuno Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA.

"The easy to use interface of Beacon Designer™ saved me a lot of time. I especially like the ability to design alternative assays and be able to pick the one that fits my needs the best" -Dr. Benjamin Edvinsson, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

"I found the program was extremely user friendly and fast. I am very happy with the quality of the results, much better than any other program that I tested" -Dr. Ourania Kosti, Department of Molecular Endocrinology, Division of General and Developmental Medicine, Barts and the London, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, UK.

"Our success rate has been over 90% when we used the SYBR® Green primers and TaqMan® probes designed with Beacon Designer." -Dr. Michael Sheldon, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.

"We have designed several primer/probe sets for reverse-transcription quantitative PCR using TaqMan. All have worked very well. We particularly like the way that the primers/probes are 'scored' as best, good or poor, it is much more convenient than other programs we have used. We also like the integrated BLAST feature. We are very satisfied customers and have recommended the product to our colleagues and collaborators." -Ms. Laura O'Hara, University of Cambridge, UK.



"I found PrimerPlex quick and easy to use. The help section proved quite useful to better understand the various parameters, and how to use the software. The evaluate primers and ASPE primers were excellent to determine the best primers with 'acceptable' cross reactions. Overall I found PrimerPlex excellent." -Dr Anne Holmes, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Primer Premier

"I found Primer Premier extremely useful for designing primers. I found it very user-friendly. The software offers complete flexibility as it has several configurable options." -Dr. Michal Nowak, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland.

"Primer Premier was really helpful and easy to use and I found no difficulty or complexity using it." -Ms. Rabia Tabassum, Charles Darwin University, Australia.

"I found Primer Premier very sophisticated and a great software to use. I successfully designed primers for Human and Avian Genetic studies." -Ms. Amal Korrida, PhD Candidate, IFCDW Genetics Department, Morocco.

"I truly enjoyed the program over all these years (see ref. in Fetissov et all., Reg. Peptides 119:113-124, 2004)." -Dr. Serguei Fetissov, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

"I have been able to test the Primer Premier program and it has met most of my expectations. Primer Premier is user friendly and easy to use software program. It is quite diligently developed to offer a flexible GUI with the ability to choose various critical options for efficient & accurate primer designing. Also, with Primer Premier it is very easy to set user-defined parameters for various experimental conditions." -Dr. Ioana Dinu, Delta and Pine Land Co., US.

"Primer Premier is an excellent program of PREMIER Biosoft and thank you guys for developing out so useful & powerful tool for scientific research. I have been a user of Primer Premier from several years, since version 5.0. It make our PCR primer design easier with more efficiency. Now this program has updated to version 6.0 in much more expectation with more powerful functions and beautiful interface. I like it very much" -Dr. Jigang Guo, Nanjing University, China.

"I have designed my primers using Primer Premier and the results are amazing" -Ms. Archana Adla, Auburn University, USA.

"Primer Premier is very fast and efficient software. The designed primers worked well." -Mr. Cristian Valdes, Universidad Andres Bello, Chile.

"I designed PCR primers using Primer Premier and I found it to be extremely robust, efficient and user friendly software." -Dr. Irfan Durrani, Agricultural University Peshawar, Pakistan.

"I am very impressed with the performance of your product.  I have used Primer Premier to design a range primer pairs for PCR, and have always gotten excellent results." -Dr. Paul R. Gill, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Uruguay.

"Primer Premier 5 makes the oligo design for 30,000 year old Mammoth DNA no longer a mammoth task." -Dr. Anders Gotherstrom, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden.

"We were frustrated because of low PCR product. We bought Primer Premier and had high yield from the very first nested PCR we did using the program." -Dr. Patricia Commers, Vanderbilt University.

"Without the tedium of repeated wet laboratory experiments ...higher rates of success in molecular biology techniques with relative ease" -Biotechnology Software and Internet Journal.

"The program is great. I designed oligos from the program for primary and nested PCR, and the results turned out very well" -Irwin Flink, Ph.D. Research Professor University of Arizona Health Sciences Center Tucson, AZ.

"I found Primer Premier to be very easy to navigate and the tools offered were very valuable. I would recommend it to colleagues. It is one of the better primer design suites available" -Caroline Henderson.

"Primer Premier is a wonderful program. It has paid for itself many times over. If we have a tough problem, we just go back to Primer Premier and 9 times out of 10 we have success. That is a pretty good rate" -David Towle, Mount Desert Island, Biological Laboratory, Salisbury Cove, Maine.

"I am a long time user of the Primer Premier 5, and I always used it with great success" -Stefan Hauptfleisch.

"Premier Biosoft can make good software. For me Primer Premier is the best oligo design program." -Dr. Rimantas Kodzius, Genome Science Laboratory, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Itama, Japan.

"It is easy to use, precise and quite general" -Elizabet Petkovski laboratoire CODGENE, Institut de Médecine Légale de rasbourg elizabet, France.

"Yes, we are currently using Primer Premier and are getting excellent, i.e., consistent and repeatable, results using the primers designed with your software" -Dr. Dave Alexander, Nagoya City University, Japan.



"Truly, the new software is fantastic, really useful and impressive; the use of spectral counting, ability to do intersection, and the linking of proteins to databases is brilliant." -Dr. Robert Graham, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester.

"The robust integration of tools in PROTEOIQ for data normalization, false discovery rate estimation, relative protein expression calculation and report generation has demonstrated a great potential to utilize this tool for label free protein quantitation and thus this software tool appears to be the choice for biomarker discovery" -Kumar Kolli Ph.D., Windber Research Institute.

"ProteoIQ® has fundamentally changed how we process, interpret, and share data within our lab and between collaborators. The software has become an indispensable tool in our proteomics workflows. Outstanding product!" -Dr. David Muddiman and Dr. Adam Hawkridge, W.M. Keck FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, NC State University.



"Your customer support has been excellent! I really appreciate the time you invest in helping me learn about SimGlycan and customize its workflows to suite my MS data analysis." -Mr. Randall Robinson, University of California, Davis, USA.

"I used SimGlycan and found it quite helpful in analyzing glycan mass fragments. The software has a strong glycan database and provides detailed glycan fragment information which makes it easy for comparison with experimental data." -Ms. Feifei Zhu, Indiana University.



"I had the opportunity to compare Thermo Scientific's LipidSearch and SimLipid for my research. I found SimLipid much better than LipidSearch in terms of user interface, intuitive functions, and definitely customer support."-Dr. Juan J Aristizabal Henao, University of Waterloo, Canada.

"I used SimLipid and found it quite useful in analyzing lipids. The software provides valuable and detailed lipid information which makes it easy to study lipid data." -Ms. Piyachat Chansela, Hamamatsu University, Japan.



"I rely heavily on NetPrimer for screening primers, and I love it since I haven't had an unsuccessful PCR since I started using it." -Dr. Quentin Bremer, University of Winconsin, Madison.

"It was the most useful primer analysis program that I worked with for more than two years" -Ulrike Schwarze, MD University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

"To my knowledge, NetPrimer is the only primer analysis software that allows a quick scrutiny of tricky primers without needing to include a target sequence. This is a significant point...Your program has frequently shown up significant primer-primer interactions...and so netprimer was a great tool" -Matheson Bronwyn, Australia.

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