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If you conduct workshops, seminars, training programs or courses in any technologies supported by our products, we will offer you free licenses for each student in your classroom for the duration of the course.

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- A comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of pathogen detection, bacterial identification, species identification and taxa discrimination using TaqMan®, molecular beacon and microarray assays.

- With a click of a button design hundreds of specific oligos or PCR primer pairs for making microarrays.

Beacon Designer™

- Design SYBR® Green primers, TaqMan® probes, HRMA primers, FRET probes and molecular beacons for real time QPCR.

LAMP® Designer

- A tool especially written for designing Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) primers that recognize six distinct regions of the target.


- A comprehensive tool developed to design primers for multiplex PCR assays.

Primer Premier

- A comprehensive tool for designing specific, high yield primers for standard or cross species, nested or multiplex PCR reactions.


- An innovative MS/MS data analysis tool. SimGlycan® predicts the glycan structure, scores it and generates a list of probable glycans that closely match the given MS profile. Both glycopeptide and released glycan profiles are supported.


- SimLipid® is a high throughput lipid identification tool. It accepts experimental MS and MS/MS data, enables lipids profiling by searching precursors against the known lipid structures and elucidates an unknown structure by matching experimental product ions against theoretical fragments of lipids from the database. It also supports LC-MS and LC-MS/ MS high throughput data processing methods providing a platform for further qualitative and quantitative data analysis.


- SimMet is a robust high throughput informatics tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry metabolite data. SimMet supports peak detection, peak picking, retention time alignment and differential analysis of LC-MS data across multiple biological samples. It enables you to run metabolite identification studies using MS and MS/MS data in batch mode.

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