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Array Designer

Ten Great Reasons to Buy Array Designer

1. Save Time: Design high efficiency primers or probes in 2-3 seconds per template.
2. Better Probes: Reduces cross hybridization giving you more accurate expression results.
3. Easy to Use: Simply put all templates in a directory and click a button for designing primer pairs. For probes, prepare the input file and click a button.
4. Comprehensive: Supports many specialized needs like ORF studies, SNP detection using primer extension. Can be used with dna chip and gene chip arrays.
5. Flexible Input: All common file formats viz. GenBank and FastA supported. Multiple sequences in GenBank and FastA files are handled automatically.
6. Versatile Output: You control what information is output. The results are available in a format that can be used in many ways, e.g. ordering, driving the spotting robot, loading in your own database, or printing.
7. Low Price: The value of the time and aggravation saved is much greater than the price ofthe software.
8. Unlimited Free Support: Telephone, e-mail and fax support for the life of products free of change.
9. Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve the software based on the latest scientific developments and your feedback.
10. Upgrade Price: Many of the upgrades are provided free of charge to the customers and the upgrade price is discounted heavily from the list price.
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