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A revolutionary tagged primer design tool for designing expression cloning experiments
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Xpression Primer

A revolutionary tagged primer design tool for expression cloning

Feature Summary

  • High Throughput Primer Design: Use Xpression Primer's sophisticated algorithm to design thousands of primers in a single search run. The program uses statistical optimization techniques to select the best primer pair for each sequence based on your selection criteria.

  • Extensive Assay Support: Xpression Primer provides comprehensive support to high throughput cloning systems such as Gateway®, BD In-Fusion™, epitope and TOPO® tools. To work with other expression systems, add functional tags of your choice and design tagged primers.

  • Sophisticated Sequencing Primer Design: Xpression Primer designs optimal primers for multiples sequences in a single search run.

  • Generate Precise Transcripts: Design primers to generate sense or antisense transcripts for in vitro expression studies.

  • Web Savvy: Xpression Primer searches Entrez and downloads batches of ORF sequences directly into the program.

  • Lightning Fast: Processes three hundred 10kb sequences in approximately 2 minutes.

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