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Xpression Primer 3.11 Released

Latest changes to the genomic databases of NCBI-BLAST along with fixes to reported problems are accommodated in this version.

Xpression Primer 3.10 Released

The upgrade accommodates the latest genomic databases available at the NCBI BLAST server and fixes to reported problems.

The version is now compatible with Windows 8 and Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.9.

Xpression Primer 3.03 Released

Includes fixes to reported problems.

Xpression Primer 3.02 Released

Includes support for the latest genomic databases available at NCBI.

Xpression Primer 3.01 Released

Xpression connects to the NCBI server to BLAST search your sequences and automatically interpret the results to design specific primers.

NCBI's BLAST server underwent a few changes over the last few days.  One of the most significant being the availability of a new version of the BLAST formatter. To accommodate these changes we have released an upgrade. With this upgrade you will now be able to BLAST search your sequences seamlessly.

New in Xpression Primer 3.00 and Later

1. Includes support for the latest genomic databases available at NCBI.
2. Simplified web based activation scheme (Xpression Primer customers, please click here for details).

Extensive Assay Support for Tagged Primer design

Use the sophisticated algorithm of Xpression Primer to design thousands of tagged primers for expression cloning systems such as Gateway®, BD In-Fusion™, epitope and TOPO® Tools. You can choose to amplify an entire ORF or generate N terminal or C terminal fusion proteins. Xpression Primer ensures that the reading frame of the amplified ORF is conserved. To work with other expression systems, simply add functional tags of your choice and design tagged primers.

Successful Amplification with Nested PCR

To ensure the success of your PCR experiment, let Xpression Primer design nested tagged primers to amplify ORFs. You can locate the outer primers anywhere in the UTRs or in regions of no significant homology. Xpression Primer will BLAST your sequences, automatically interpret the results and design highly specific primers. The tagged inner primer pair amplifies the PCR product generated by the outer pair with little or no non-coding regions. You can also choose from a list of alternate primers to better meet specific experimental needs.


  • Tagged Primer Design
  • High Throughput Primer Search
  • Sequencing Primer Design
  • Design Primers for In vitro Expression Studies
  • Data and Database Management
  • Web Integration
  • Input/Output


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