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Xpression Primer

10 great reasons to buy Xpression Primer

1. Easy to Use: With the built-in automatic search mode, design thousands of primers, at the click of a button. Available for Windows and Macintosh.
2. Save Time: Design the best primer pair on thousands of sequences with a click of a button.
3. Comprehensive: Every thing you need, from sequence retrieval with accession number to complete tagged primer, sequencing primer and in vitro expression primer design in one program.
4. Accuracy: Automatically conserves the reading frame of the ORF being amplified.
5. Web Savvy: All common file formats viz. GenBank and FASTA are supported. Multiple sequences in GenBank and FASTA files are handled automatically. You can even retrieve sequences from Entrez directly into the program.
6. Sophisticated Search Criteria: Uses statistical optimization techniques to output only the best rated primer pair. Primers are screened for their thermodynamic properties as well as secondary structures.
7. Versatile Output: You can control what is output. The results are available in a format that can be used in many ways, e.g. ordering, loading in your own database, printing.
8. Low Price: The value of the time and aggravation saved is much greater than the price of the software.
9. Unlimited Free Support: Telephone, e-mail and fax support for the life of the product free of charge.
10. Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve the software based on the latest scientific developments and your feedback.

Extensive Assay Support for Tagged Primer design

Use the sophisticated algorithm of Xpression Primer to design thousands of tagged primers for expression cloning systems such as Gateway®, BD In-Fusion™, epitope and TOPO® Tools. You can choose to amplify an entire ORF or generate N terminal or C terminal fusion proteins. Xpression Primer ensures that the reading frame of the amplified ORF is conserved. To work with other expression systems, simply add functional tags of your choice and design tagged primers.

Successful Amplification with Nested PCR

To ensure the success of your PCR experiment, let Xpression Primer design nested tagged primers to amplify ORFs. You can locate the outer primers anywhere in the UTRs or in regions of no significant homology. Xpression Primer will BLAST your sequences, automatically interpret the results and design highly specific primers. The tagged inner primer pair amplifies the PCR product generated by the outer pair with little or no non-coding regions. You can also choose from a list of alternate primers to better meet specific experimental needs.


  • Tagged Primer Design
  • High Throughput Primer Search
  • Sequencing Primer Design
  • Design Primers for In vitro Expression Studies
  • Data and Database Management
  • Web Integration
  • Input/Output


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