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SimVector, an exceptional tool for drawing publication and vector catalog quality plasmid maps, carrying out restriction analysis and designing cloning experiments
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Plasmid Drawing Software

Software to draw publication quality DNA sequence vector maps. SimVector is a comprehensive plasmid drawing software to draw publication quality vector graphic plasmid maps. These plasmid maps can be exported into JPEG, PNG and TIF formats. The vector graphic maps can be easily styled using fonts, colors, fill patterns for restriction enzymes and features.

How to Draw Plasmid Maps Using SimVector

SimVector is an exceptional tool to draw publication quality plasmid maps. The graphics can then be enhanced with patterns, styles, lines, and colors. The image can be exported in web ready graphics formats for publication on the web or as vector graphics for Adobe Illustrator 10 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2002.

Draw Linear or Circular DNA Sequence Maps with SimVector

You can draw both circular or linear DNA sequence maps with SimVector. It will automatically align your features, restriction enzyme sites and att cloning sites along the DNA sequence map.

Draw Circular Plasmid Maps with SimVector

Draw circular plasmid maps with SimVector
Sample Circular Map

Draw Linear Plasmid Maps with SimVector

Draw linear plasmid maps with SimVector
Sample Linear Map
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