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MALDIVision: MS Imaging ,data processing
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MALDIVision version 2.22 Released

The latest version includes:

  • Fixes to reported issues.

  • Compatibility with Windows 8.

MALDIVision version 2.20 Released

MALDIVision now supports

64-Bit Installer: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows OS providing significant improvement in the processing speed of large data files.

Improved EII: High quality Extracted Ion Images for a range of m/z values from the mass spectrum can be generated using improved image reconstruction algorithm.

MALDIVision version 2.10 Released

MALDIVision now supports

Multiple Image Overlay: Overlay of up to 10 images so as to visualize the spatial distribution of different compounds present in a tissue in a single image.

Normalized Image Display: Visualize the relative abundance of the target compound with respect to a standard compound in regions of interest in the sampled tissue.

MALDIVision 2.00 (Beta) Released

Generate Extracted Ion Image: MALDIVision 2.0 betasupports generation of Extracted Ion Image (EII) for specific mass peaks of interest by extracting them from the mass spectrum.

Export Statistical Data: Statistical information such as mean, median, standard deviation for a selected region of interest can now be exported in .html, .csv and .xls file formats for lab records.

This version also allows users to copy and paste the reconstituted image, the EII or the optical image across different datasets.

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