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High throughput lipid characterization tool for data from MSE, TripleTOF, MALDI TOF/TOF, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS systems

SimLipid® is a high throughput lipid identification and quantification software. It can process raw data from hundreds of LC-MS and MS/MS experimental runs for LC-peak detection, peak-picking, molecular feature finding and retention time alignment. The raw data or peaklists – dataset containing processed LC-MS data – can be subjected to MS and MS/MS database search for structural elucidation, even in batch mode. A proprietary scoring mechanism distinguishes isobaric candidate structures for each MS/MS scan.

The SimLipid Database contains 40,312 lipids, and 1,509,928 structure-specific in-silico MS/MS characteristic ions. Besides this, the database also stores 5,227 transitions of precursor ion scan and neutral loss scan triple quadrupole mass spectrometry methods corresponding to 1,179,393 and 221 unique fatty acyls from glycerophospholipids, glycerolipids, and sphingolipids respectively. Finally, for the identified peaks, correction of experimental peak intensities (for their isotopic overlaps) can be performed in batch mode. Relative quantification of the profiled lipids based on user-specified internal standards can also be performed.

Key Features



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Application Notes

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