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Application Notes

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A Unique Workflow for Glycoprotein Characterization from Sample Preparation to MS/MS Spectral Interpretation

Protein glycosylation is a complex dynamic post-translational modification, which is used by an organism to regulate a number of important protein function.

Albanese, J., Lee, R. (2011)
J Biomol Tech., 22(Suppl), S57

SimGlycan™ Software*: A New Predictive Carbohydrate Analysis Tool for MS/MS Data Automated Data Interpretation for Glycan Characterization

The analysis of carbohydrates is of great importance in modern biochemistry and is often tackled using various analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry.

Albanese, J., Glueckmann M., Lenz C. (2010)

Novel Glycan Column Technology for the LC-MS Analysis of Labeled and Native N-Glycans Released from Proteins and Antibodies

Because glycosylation is critical to the efficacy of antibody therapeutics, the FDA requires that a consistent human-type glycosylation be maintained for recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAb), irrespective of the system in which they are produced.

Aich, U., Birznieks, I., Saba, J., Liu, X., Viner, R., Hao, Z., Gendeh, G.S., Rao, S., Huhmer, A., Agroskin, Y., Pohl, C. (2013)
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