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SimGlycan® Features

Data Input File Formats

SimGlycan allows importing experimental data files in various Industry standard and vendor specific native file formats.

Industry Standard Formats: mzXML, mzML, mzData, Text (.txt), and Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Native File Formats from Mass Spectrometry Vendors:

MS Vendor File Type(s) Requirements
Thermo Fisher Scientific .raw Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1 or higher
SCIEX .wiff, .t2d DLL registration
Waters Corporation .raw --
Agilent Technologies .cef --
Bruker Corporation .baf, .yep, .fid Bruker Corporation CompassXport software
Shimadzu Corporation .lcd files Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.2 or higher;
Microsoft Visual C++ 2017
Redistributable (x64)



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