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AlleleID is a comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification
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  • Generate Report: You can create an attractively formatted report for the assays you designed using AlleleID®. It should be helpful in record keeping and for sharing information with colleagues. The report helps visualize the positions of the primers and probes on the sequence, includes a list of the alternate primers and probes, displays primers, probe, amplicon and sequence properties and the design parameters used.

  • Sequence Details View: Comprehensive information of all sequences in a project is available locally using the built-in database and the sequence details can be viewed using your browser from within the program.

  • Sequence Visualization: AlleleID® graphically displays the primers and probes on the sequence.

  • Input Formats: Supports sequences in standard GenBank and FASTA format. Using the multiple retrieval facility, sequences can be loaded from local drives.

  • SNP Loading: Easily loads thousands of SNPs from the variation descriptors in standard GenBank variation files.

  • View Output in Spreadsheet: Results can be viewed and manipulated in any spreadsheet like MS Excel, Lotus 123 or StarOffice spreadsheet.

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