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AlleleID is a comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification
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Molecular Beacon Design

  • Tm Adjustment: Automatically selects a stem of appropriate length for optimal beacon Tm.

  • Optimal Beacons: Designs beacons free of dimers, repeats, and runs for increased signal strength.

  • Multiplex Beacons & Primers: Checks molecular beacons for cross homologies with all primers preventing competition in multiplex reactions.

  • Allele Identification: Designs molecular beacons for detection of both wild and mutant alleles.

  • Tm Calculation: Highly accurate hairpin Tm calculation.

  • Evaluate Pre-designed Molecular Beacon Assays: Pre-designed primer sets can be evaluated or primers for a pre-designed molecular probe can be constructed. Similarly, a pre-designed beacon can be evaluated or a beacon can be designed for a pre-designed primer set. This facilitates using SYBR® Green primers for beacon assays which can be used for bacterial identification assays or any other assay.

  • Lightning Fast: Processes an average cDNA sequence in under a second.

  • Graphical View: Displays designed beacon graphically along with its properties.

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