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AlleleID is a comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification
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Design TaqMan® Probes

  • TaqMan® Probes: AlleleID® designs optimal TaqMan® probes free of dimers, repeats and runs to ensure signal fidelity.

  • TaqMan® MGB Probes: AlleleID® supports the design of TaqMan® MGB probes which are typically shorter as compared to the regular TaqMan® probes.

  • Multiplex & Allele Identification Assays: AlleleID® supports multiplexing for up to four sequences, avoids cross homologies with all dual labeled probes and primers preventing competition in multiplex reactions. Designs wild and mutant TaqMan® probes for SNP identification.

  • Evaluate Pre-designed TaqMan® Probes Based Assays: Pre-designed primer sets can be evaluated and a compatible TaqMan® probe designed. Similarly, a pre-designed TaqMan® probe can be evaluated and compatible primers designed. You can even import the primers designed in the SYBR® Green primer design mode and then design a compatible probe.

  • Graphical View: Displays a graphical view of TaqMan® probe secondary structures.

  • Ranking: Only the best TaqMan® probes are designed for each template, using statistical optimization technique.

Read about how TaqMan® probes work.

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