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AlleleID is a comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification
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MLPA® Probe Design

  • Probe Design: You can design MLPA® probes, both for copy number detection and SNP studies. The software was developed in collaboration with MRC Holland, the inventors of the technology, and follows all MLPA design guidelines. AlleleID® can also design custom oligos for Pam4U PamChip® Arrays.

  • Avoid Homology: AlleleID® designs highly specific MLPA®probes by automatically avoiding the regions of homology identified during a BLAST search.

  • Multiplex MLPA® Probes: Displays the free energies of the most stable cross-dimers formed between the MLPA® probes, helping you determine which probes are best suited for a multiplex reaction.

  • Load SNPs: Easily loads sequences containing SNPs from the variation descriptors in standard GenBank variation files and from UCSC file. If you are working with unpublished data you can easily add them.

  • Load Exons: Retrieves exon information from GenBank header annotations and UCSC genome browser. If you are working with unpublished data you can easily add them.

  • Sequence View: AlleleID® displays the designed MLPA® probes and where they bind to the sequence.
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